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could it be?

I just realized the meaning of life.
It is much more simple than I thought it would be.

It is to live.

Plane and simple. Not to just be breathing and to make a lame attempt at accepting that you are alive by doing so and nothing more. Just to be happy. To live FULLY, I guess would be a better discription.
People who sit on their ass all day playing their computer games because it makes them feel important and happy, that is living. Not to me. Not to many of you, no that is not living. But if you do something and it completes you, if at that moment you could die and be TRULEY happy, then I would say that you lived buddy.
To me living is being with those I love. Yucking it up at the stupidest jokes and doing random shit like (example: the other day we went to Ragtime Cowboy a shop owned by an extrodinary man named Joe. I put on this ventage swim suit and it complemented me, so I through on my sunglasses walked outside and started waving to people driving down the street, they got a kick out of it, and so did I. Jamie thought it was hilarious, and we all had a good time. It was good, and moments like that I feel like I am living.) Yesterday I sat in Cody's room all day. I helped him clean it. We watched a total of 3 movies, poored cold water on eachother and the bed, smoked and hung out. And some people they would not consider that a full day, a day of living. But to me, because it was what I wanted to do....I felt full-filled. Cody was the only one that mattered at this time and I was happy, I lived.

Ok new topic. I will be leaving now with my love Jamie. I have been spending emmence amounts of time with her and have grown to absoloutley love her. I will be going now. I hope my thoughts didn't bore that crap out of you all.

I part with this advice.
Today do something that makes you happy, and think to yourself, I have found the meaning of life!
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