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Can't I just be interesting?

Today I felt like a movie star. I wore my bikini (scary thought) and my big Audre Hepburn sunglasses and drove around in Jamie's convertible. It was fun. We spent the majority of the day at hansen damn, where we layed out in the sun, swam in the dirty water, and contemplated making love to the life guard named Nick.

I have decided I want to go on an adventure. I want to have fun. Break into somewhere (like the zoo), clime fences (without getting caught in them or falling), rescue animals that are being experimented on, get kidnapped, and maybe if I'm lucky accidentally murder someone and have to slyly cover up the tracks.

I have to think big. I want to dream. I want to live my dreams.

This is what keeps me going. DREAMS. Fabulous word. Someday I will do the things I dare to think up.

someone kidnap me, please use cloraphome...I have always wondered about that.
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