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Happy Deathday!
Your name:munkeyluver
You will die on:Tuesday, May 11, 2027
You will die of:Spider Bite
Created by Quill

I want to get out of the house. It smells like paint. I am never home so now that I am everyone wants to know everything I have been doing lately. I feel like slaping them all in the face. I wish my mom wouldn't come into whatever room I am in and lean over my shoulder and stare at me like 1/2 away from my face. I wish I could not eat when I am home. I get all bored, it's not like I am eating good stuff either I just had ice cream and a candy bar. That is fucking disgusting. Someone help me! Someone come get me! I want to leave the paint fumes behind and escape into the blissful land of second (or first) hang smoke. Bump. Alright I will contacts, shower?, makeup, dress, then attempt to leave my hell. Someone please aid me?!!!!!
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