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The Graduation and After Math

I always imagined that my graduation would be something great. It was in a way. To me it was one of the most significant events of my life. To the spectating family and friends, it was un-organized and rowdy. I don't care. I never wanted my graduation to be anymore then a whole bunch of kids excited to get out into the world. (So excited that they find it hard to sit through the reamining ceremony.)So many thoughts running through everyones mind, yet somehow everyone is thinking the same things. "I will miss my friends and this school, life is moving on." "I'm scared!" "What will life be like now?" "How much FUCKING longer could this ceremony be?" It's all a bunch of mixed up minds. I almost said adolesent.....but scary thing is, we are supposeidley grown up now. My mom and Grandma cried through the whole ceremony. My friend Ray was there dressed in his marine uniform. I didn't see him afterwards, only from a distance. I wanted so bad to get up and run to him and hug him and tell him I am so happy he is home from Japan. Somehow I lost him in the crowd when it came time for that part. The people were crazy. Near the end parents, friends and siblings were lind up along the football field edge ready to attack. The cannons of confeti shot off (and scared the crap out of me, because I forgot that was going to happen) and then they were off. People were running knocking others over, trying to get to their graduates. It was madness. I loved it!
After I got cried on and loved on and hugged and taken pictures of. I went to my house, had some pie. Then went to Katy and Amelia's just to say "hi". Then I was off to Grad Nite.
I took a stacker 3 which is basically over the counter speed, totally legal, yet scary. It was funny me and Aaron were bouncing off the walls (he took one too.)
The bus ride there was fun. I talked to Sean Locke the whole way there. He's a cool guy. I couldn't stop talking. It was even annoying me.:) I stayed awake the WHOLE time. I didn't even get too tired. I was suprised. Probably had something to do with the stacker 3 I took. I gave one to Dyron. I don't think it did anything for him. We danced at every club. We saw and I talked to this band called Surburban Legands, they fucking rocked! They put on such a good show. We got a whole room of people to start dancing (that was one of my favorite parts.) And Aaron and I basically decided we were the luckiest people there, because there was no fucking way any of them could have had as much fun as we did! It was the best.
On the ride home everyone was asleep. I sat next to Sean and I kept falling on him because my head bobbled around and around on the seat. Then I would wake up and quickly readjust myself so I wasn't laying on him (Though he did say he didn't care if I did.) But the back of the bus is like really effing bumpy and it hurts when you are laying on someones boney shoulder. Anyways.
Today I fell asleep around 8:30 or 9:00am or something. I slept til' three. I have been on the comp for likean hour now. I am tired and want to go get coffee with Aaron, which is exactly what I plan to do after I am done here.
So that means I am done here. :)
Congradulations to all other graduates WE FINALLY DID IT!
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