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Art and Nerves

So I have been madly crushing on this very sexy long haired boy named Michael Woodruff...even his name is sexy. I had my friend Amelia talk to him today, it's not important what she said exactly but his response was "oh". At first I was very upset at this...then I found something out. Apparently he has a girlfriend and Heather forgot to tell me. That could have saved me a LOT of embarressment. Oh well life goes on and I porbably will never see him again anyways.
As for my other obsession, my lead at work. Well he got his braces off this last weekend. Awww his smile is even better now. I need to not obsess over anything. It will only lead to dissapointment.
I want someone to obsess over me. I want some hot sexy long haired boy to like me and we can fall in love and run away together.
Anyways. School= 1 week and 3 days left to go.
I can't wait till I graduate.
I got an art award tonight. It was cool. I went up on stage in front of a whole bunch of people I don't know. And Navarro kissed me on the cheek, while the audience of fellow classmates gasped in a taunting ooooooooo. It was fabualous. This awards ceremony is where the talking to Michael went on...I was pointed out to him from the stage by Amelia. I love how he said "oh" he should have said "she's cute but I have a girlfriend." damn. Ok *slaps herself in face* stop obsessing.
On another note. I am moving in with Amelia and Katy, I am just going to come over every single day and before they know it they will be like "there was a time when we didn't know you? How odd, I remember no such thing."
They are the root of my happiness. Who needs boyfriends when you can have a couple of sisters. ;) Sexy, no?
I'll be back soon.
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