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Anger Rising

I didn't get much sleep the last two days, yet surprisingly I feel better. I think my body is growing accustomed to my ansomniac ways.
I am angry, not quite sure why. I have a short fuse and need to do my homework for my EKG class and study. I will suclude myself for an hour or two to get this done.
Tonight I church. It will be fun. Comedic. I will giggle and perhaps fold over in a heave of laughter, but mainly giggling I am sure.
I want to go to work. I feel like I live there now. I love my people and I love my area I just hate center ring. But once Amanda quits I don't think we will be dealing much with center ring anymore. Aaron moved up to mining town. Good thing? Bad thing? Good for him. Bad for me. I will feel like I have to protect him if everyone ends up hating him, but I don't want to fight with my firends from work. Hopefully he behaves.
Anyways. I church now. Leaving and doing homework alone then church start and I hang out. Ok child like behavior. I want a lolly pop. Have sweet sugary nights of loving lumpkins my little sheep.
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