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Shooting Self In Face....Looking Better And Better

Last night I wanted to tell Six Flags to suck it, hard, long and good. Work is evil. Not my area in which I work but the one which is referred to as Center Ring. This is the big game section, the one by Gotham city, the one that everyone knows where it is. Wow so my reason for wanting to step on the ants (people) at work is because of this...
Yesterday Aaron and Myself got off of work at 9:45 Amanda (who is 18 and legally an adult)had to do enventory and stay on the clock untill 10:40. This pissed me off because Amanda was getting a ride with us and we had to wait anyways so why effing take us off the clock? But the part that really REALLY pissed me off was the fact that I was helping Amanda stack her animals so she could count them for enventory and they told me I couldn't help. Because I was off the clock and the cameras were off in the game I might have "stolen something". I was so pissed. I didn't get homw untill 11:45 last night because Amanda's supervisors suck ass, big wet juicy ass. This would never have happened in my area, Mining Town. They are way to cool, they would have let 1 adult go so 2 minors could get home on time. Anyways...that is my rant.
Today I slept in, my dad let me. I had the worst cramps and was dieing. So i popped 4 IBprofen and went back to sleep. I need to get back on the pill cause everything is all fucked up with my body now. It's all off. I am so tired....still. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME. I believe I had a mini siezer the other day at work. I was working a race game for 4 hours and then when I went on my break finally I was sitting there and my whole face starting with my eyes started twitching and then it went into my right arm. I couldn't control it. Then I blacked out for a second and then I shook my head and I was alright. It was really strange. I think there is something wrong with me.
This week I can't really go anywhere, I have to study for my EKG test I have on friday so I can get that job in the fall. Wow I feel so stressed I need a vacation.
On that note, next week someone please go to the beach with me. I need to go. It's not a want it's a NEED! Because I crave it, and I need it to survive my hell. It's where I feel safe and at home. Beach, anyone wanna come?
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